Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is all about training your body both mentally and physically. You are far more capable than you think!


Learn to challenge your body and your beliefs. Regardless of age, limitations, or ability, you can find a new personal best!

What is Obstacle Course Racing (OCR)?

Obstacle course racing (OCR) is a sport in which a competitor, traveling on foot, must overcome various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. Races vary in length from courses with obstacles close together to events of many kilometers which incorporate elements of track, road and/or cross country/trail running. Courses may include climbing over walls or up ropes, monkey bars, carrying heavy objects, traversing bodies of water or mud, crawling under barbed wire, and jumping through fire.

Since the beginning of modern OCR in 1987, the sport has grown in popularity such that more than 2500 events are held annually across the world and several run-organizing companies are commercially successful. The sport of OCR is being integrated into the Olympic Pentathlon, making its first appearance in the 2028 Olympic games!

Altitude Movement OCR Class

Altitude Movement approaches OCR training with the same commitment and dedication to supporting every student’s athletic progress as we do with all other types of movement (Ninja and Parkour). We strive to bring out the very best in each athlete, regardless of their age, goals, or abilities, and we create a safe and supportive environment where athletes can explore their limits – and expand them!

Current Schedule:

Adult Class meets from 6:30-7:30pm Tuesday Nights with Coach Barry

Children’s Class meets from 6:30-7:30pm Tuesday Nights with Coach Jackie

Price: $79 for the first family member and $65 for each additional family member *tuition is per month and covers 1 month worth of classes

What Does it Take to Join the Team?

  • Gym membership
  • Regularly attend OCR group/private classes
  • Race in a minimum number of events each season
  • Agree to represent the gym/brand by wearing approved team gear during races
  • Agree to team standards of behavior (sportsmanship, etc)

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