You’ve been an athlete all your life. You’ve pushed, you’ve sacrificed, but have you ever really tested your limits?

This is your chance to push your body and your mind. The only limitations are the ones we create for ourselves. It’s time to crash through your ceiling and fly above the rest!


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  • Competition Team
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Goals and Vision of the Altitude Movement

Competitive Team

(Ages 8+ and Adults)

The Altitude Movement Competitive Teams are for athletes who are looking to take their skills to the next level. Team members will not just get stronger and smarter, but they will develop their whole person in a challenging, fun, and supportive environment!

Competition Team Pic from the first Colorado Community Competition
  • Train athletes to enjoy the sport as they gain confidence in overcoming obstacles.
  • Guide athletes to develop grit and perseverance, while owning failure as a learning tool toward success.
  • Motivate athletes to improve their mental focus, physical strength, & overall character.
  • Athletes compete in at least 5 competitions locally, regionally, and nationally!
  • Competition Team space is earned through try-outs

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