All participants will complete an Altitude Ninja waiver or have one on file. If you’re in doubt, fill one out!


July is bringing some extra special fun at Altitude Movement’s Summer Camps! We are turning up the cool factor in our themed week camps

  • July 15-19: Superhero Training Week – Do your kids dress up in Superhero costumes on days that end in “y”? Do they pretend to be their favorite heros, saving the day? Then they are going to love our Superhero Training Week, where they will learn to build super-strength, super-speed, go on rescue missions, and more!
  • July 22-26: Stunt Performer School – If jumping, flipping, twisting, turning, climbing, and performing stunts that make your heart jump into your throat are your child’s idea of a great time, then send them to Stunt Performer School. They will learn how to perform their death-defying skills safely and gracefully from the experts!
  • July 29-Aug 2: Pirate Week – Arrrggghh! There’s no doubt we all secretly wish to sail off to a deserted island in the Caribbean Ocean, but I bet your kids imagine themselves dressed up like Pirates when they go! It will be a week of cannon ball fights, fencing, daring mid-ocean rescues and more. Your kids will really tap into their imagination as they escape sinking ships, search for buried treasure, and fight off enemy ships.
  • Aug 8-12: Coaches Choice Week – Did you know your coaches love to keep busy outside of the gym? During this week, your coaches will select some of their favorite activities to share with you. Go rock climbing with Coach Kian, Kayaking with Coach Courtney, or perform acrobatics with Coach Ramez.

Rocky Mountain State Games – Parkour Challenge

Parkour is joining RMSG this summer for the first time! July 21st from 11a-4p (tentative times)

SPEED: The athlete moves from point A to point B in a timed race through a designed course of gates and touchpoints. Parkour athletes use their skill, agility, and confidence to move through the course as fast as possible.

FREESTYLE: Athletes will have 90 seconds to show any flip or trick of the top athletes’ best skills and combinations. Skills can range from rolls and cartwheels to flips with full twists off of equipment or your best websters and Arabians. Your own limitation is your own imagination. Athletes are judged on flow, versatility, difficulty, and execution. Athletes will be given 15 minutes prior to their event to create their “flow line.”

TAG: Competitors are randomly split into heats of 4 within their given division; athlete order is randomized. Heats will run 16 chases each lasting 20 seconds with 10 second reset time.

Rocky Mountain State Games – Ninja Challenge

July 20th, from 1p-6p (times are tentative)

The Ninja Challenge is a Ninja Obstacle Competition with obstacles similar to the TV show American Ninja Warrior. The obstacle course will include upper body, lower body, balance obstacles, and the warped wall. The course will not be revealed until the day of the competition.  Athletes must complete the obstacles in the course in the order given. This Ninja Obstacle Competition will have a time limit of 3 minutes and 30 seconds for all ages. Beginners encouraged to sign up, this is a great novice competition!