Where staying fit is play. Where you train your body & mind to overcome an ever-changing assortment of challenges. Where you play to build strength, coordination, confidence, and mental toughness so that you are ready to conquer any obstacle!

If You’re Gonna Move,

Ninja Warrior…Parkour Athlete…Obstacle Course Racing


We can teach you, prep you, guide you every step of the way, no matter what level you are starting at, and what level you want to climb to.

Our trained staff can work with you on your goals and help you achieve the height you want to reach.

So if you’re gonna move, move with ALTITUDE!


It’s in your blood, be better than yesterday, be better than the next guy, be the best you can be. Competition is not just an event, it’s a way of life. Compete both locally and nationally to test your training and test your limits. Altitude hosts competitions in an energetic, supportive environment for kids and adults alike. 


Our staff celebrates your child’s energy by channeling it into ninja, parkour, and OCR movement training under the guidance of expert coaches. Altitude offers classes for all ages, so anyone can have fun overcoming obstacles and staying fit.


Who wants the kiddos to move while pushing their limits, like a Ninja Warrior or Parkour athlete, for their birthday? Everybody! Your child is special to you and special to us! Let us bring the Ninja Warrior or Parkour Chase Tag fantasy to life while celebrating your child on their birthday! Altitude offers safe, stress-free events and parties with exclusive gym access, coach floor support, structured play, a celebration room, and plenty of staff to help set up and take down.


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  1. SUMMER CAMP! We have such a fun surprise for July camps! Altitude Movement is becoming your premier training center for all of your best daydreams. We’ll be hosting camps for aspiring Superheros, Stunt Performers, and Pirates! Click here for more information.
  2. SPECIAL GUEST CAMPS AND CLINICS! Are you ready to train with the best? Professional Parkour Athlete, Olof Wood and American Ninja Warrior, Lorin Ball, will both be offering one-week camps in June. If you want the specialized attention of some of the best in the business, then these two camps are a can’t miss. If a full week is out of the question, check out their evening clinics.

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